Service Area
Garbage pickup service is available to all households in the city of Pulaski. See the schedule below for pick up days.
Freda St.
Knox St.
Sara St.
Iris St.
Valed Mill Rd.
South 3rd/100 & 200 blocks
North 3rd/100,200 & 300 blocks
South 4th/100 & 200 blocks
North 4th St.
South 5th/100 & 200
North 5th St.
South 6th/200 block
South 7th/200 block
W. Flower St.
Richland Dr.
Circle Dr.
W. Madison St.
W. Jefferson St.
Vanderpool Lane
Rocky Rd.
Valley View Dr.
Fort Hill Dr.W.
Woodring St.
Shelton St.
Edgehill Dr.
Rose Str.
Morris St.
Harris St.
Alexander St.
McGrew St./300 block
Brannon St.
W. Washington St.
W. College St.
Sunset Dr.
Harmon Dr.
Stonecreek Dr.
Robinhood Rd.
Lynne Rd.
Linda Rd.
Joann Rd.
Scott Rd.
Westgate Dr.
Easy St.
Braly LaneMines Rd.
Meadows Lane
South 4th/400 & 500 blocks
South 5th/500 block
South 6th/500 block
South 3rd/300,400,500 & 600 blocks
South 2nd/300,400,500 & 600 blocks
South 1st/300,400,500,600
 & 700 blocks
W. Cemetery St.
W. Shoal St.
W. Poplar St.
Magnolia St.
Cotton St.
South 8th St.
Church St.E.
Cemetery St.
Spofford St.
Stadium St.
S. Rhodes/400,500 & 600 blocks
Magazine Rd.
Wilson Ave.
Cleveland St.
Lincoln St.
E. College St.
Ballentine/300,400 & 500 blocks
S. Cedar Lane/300,400,500 & 600 blocks
Elm St./300,400,500 & 600 blocks
S. Ingram/300, 400, 500 & 600 blocks
Pine St./300 & 400 blocks
Fairlane St.
Cottonwood St.
Dogwood St.
Mimosa Dr.
S. Sam Davis Ave.
N. Sam Davis Ave.
E. Washington St.
E. Jefferson St.
E. Madison/400,500,600,700
 & 800 blocks
Highland Ave.
Morningside Dr.
Ballentine/100 & 200 blocks
Jones/100 & 200 blocks
Bismark St.
Victoria St./200 block
Marietta St./200 block
N. Cedar Lane
S. Cedar Lane/100 & 200 blocks
Elm St./100 & 200 blocks
S. Ingram St./100 & 200 blocks
Pine St./100 & 200 blocks
N. Ingram St.
Cypress St.
Harwell Alley
Locust St.
Yokley Lane
McKibbon Lane
William Whitworth Rd.
Willa Circle
Longmeadow Circle
Brookmeade Dr.
Tollgate Rd.
Horseshoe St.
Glendale Dr.
Glendale Circle
Orchard Lane
Longview Dr.
Bayless St.
Mark St.
Riley Hill Rd.
Meadowbrook Dr.
Walnut St.
Oak Lane
S. Rhodes/100 & 200 blocks
N. Rhodes St.
E. Flower St.
E. Madison/100,200 & 300 blocks
E. Woodring St.
E. High St.
Maple St.
Park St.
Turner St.
Chestnut St.
Medina St.
Thomas St.
N. Patterson St.
E. Grigsby St.
Childers St.
Jones/300,400,500 & 600 blocks
Victoria Pl.
Massey Ave.
Birch St.
Marietta St./500 & 600 blocks
Culpepper St.
Ragsdale Lane
Branch Lane
Martin Lane
Lane Circle
Mitchell St.
N. 1st St.
Brown Dr.
Taylor Dr.
Bledsoe Rd.
Northside Dr.
Short St.
Perkins St.
Spear St.
McLean St.
W. Grigsby St.
Phillips St.
Gordon St.
Simms Cove Dr.
N. 3rd St./400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 & 1000 blocks
McGrew St./400,500 & 600 blocks
Sumpter St.
Mill St.
Morgan St.
Brindley Dr.
Gordon Lane
Gayla Dr.
Wilson Lane
Tucker Dr.
Cooke Lane
Woodland Dr.
Hilltop Dr
Stewart Dr.
Parker Dr.
Beverly Dr.
Carroll Dr.
Jackson Dr.
Mimi Circle
Charlotte Dr.
Brooke Pond Ct.
Sunny Brooke Ct.
Lorainne Ave.
Park View Terrace
Crestview Dr.
Hilltop Circle
N. Tidwall Circle
Terry St.
Kay Dr.
Brenda Dr.
Kathleen Dr.
Brandywine Ave.
Pineview Ave.
Peebles Crt.
Sean Circle
Paulk Lane
Murrey Dr.
Rackley Dr.
Abernathy Dr.
Everly Ave.
Nichols St.
White Ave.
Smith St.
Kellar Ave.